Viking Chess Set


Chess Set 15″ x 15″ MJF Chess Game Viking Chess Set – Nylon 12 Chess Pieces – MJF Viking Chess Set Board Game Default Finish

This is a set of specialized Viking Chess set pieces printed in MJF Nylon 12 with the default finish. The pieces come so that they can be painted or left default.

  • ♕ ESSENTIAL CHESS SET: Looking for a classy chess sets? Viking Chess set delivers all the chess essentials in one place - a 3D printed chess board, clean chess pieces, and a sturdy storage box. (Confirm which option you are buying)
  • ♕ 3D PRINTED CHESS PIECES: Every Viking chess piece is made of light but sturdy nylon 12 material that has a good solid feel. They all come with a flat bottom to protect the chessboard from scratches.
  • ♕ EASY TO STORE & TRANSPORT: Store all the chess pieces in the storage box.
  • ♕ FOR NEW & SEASONED PLAYERS: Surprise your friends with chess sets for adults or use them as a chess board for kids for future generations of players. The handy and elegant nylon chess set will surely win over everyone!

The pieces that come with the order are as follows: 2 Kings, 2 Queens, 2 Left Bishops, 2 Right Bishops, 4 Knights, 4 Towers and 16 Pawns.

Chess Set


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